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Garlic Soaking in a Hot Tub

garlic cloves, oven-roasted in extra virgin olive oil & butter with a hint of anchovy. a wonderful treat for spreading on our house-baked focaccia bread. served at your table in an iron skillet.



Mussels OR Shrimp sm 14.99      med 19.99      lg 39.99

Mussels & Shrimp med 19.99      lg 39.99

Combo mussels, shrimp & crab 49.99

Super Combo mussels, shrimp & crab 79.99

Double Mussels & ½ Crab 49.99

Double Shrimp & ½ Crab 49.99

Double Mussels & Whole Crab 59.99

Double Shrimp & Whole Crab 59.99

(shrimp is peel & eat)


Garlic Steamed Clams

sm 27.99      med 39.99      lg 49.99

Zuppa di Pesce

mussels, crab, fresh fish, calamari & shrimp in a spicy tomato brodetto

sm 29.99      med 49.99      lg 69.99

Louisiana Shrimp

in a garlic cioppino sauce

sm 19.99      med 29.99      lg 39.99


Garlic Roasted Potato Onion Soup 11.99

with pastry cap

Garlic Spinach Fontina Fondue 14.99

(Vegetarian Dish no meat, fish or poultry)

Garlic Meatballs 14.99

Garlic Marinated Asparagus 9.99

(room temp) (Vegetarian Dish no meat, fish or poultry)

Garlic Roasted Baked Brie 14.99

(Vegetarian Dish no meat, fish or poultry)

Garlic Popcorn Calamari sm 14.99    lg 19.99

Garlic French Fries sm 8.99    lg 9.99

(Vegetarian Dish no meat, fish or poultry)


Garlic Pepperoni 15.99

(Vampire Fare can be served without garlic)

Garlic Pesto & Fontina 15.99

(Vegetarian Dish no meat, fish or poultry)

Garlic BBQ Chicken cilantro & caciacavallo 15.99

Garlic Margarita with cheese & tomatoes 15.99

(Vegetarian Dish no meat, fish or poultry) (Vampire Fare can be served without garlic)


Salad – butter lettuce, tomatoes, walnuts, garlic dressing 8.99 / 11.99

(Vegetarian Dish no meat, fish or poultry)

Caesar – crispy baby romaine, grana & croutons 9.99 / 12.99

Panzanella – tomatoes, onions, pine nuts & croutons 11.99

(Vegetarian Dish no meat, fish or poultry)

Arugula – gorgonzola, red onions, pine nuts in a garlic vinaigrette 12.99

(Vegetarian Dish no meat, fish or poultry)

Add shrimp or chicken 5.99


Ribeye Stake (12 oz) 39.99      (18 oz) 49.99      (28 oz) 64.99

Bone-In Filet Mignon love at first bite (16 oz) 49.99

Little Devil Petite Filet bloody good (8 oz) 39.99

Portobello Mushroom Stake 19.99

(Vegetarian Dish no meat, fish or poultry)

Side of sautéed mushrooms 6.99

Garlic Roasted Prime Rib
Regular Cut 39.99      Lite Cut 34.99      Large Cut 49.99      The Slab 64.99

Surf For Your Turf Half Crab add 26.99      Whole Crab add 39.99

served with garlic yukon gold mashed potatoes & creamed spinach


Whole Crab 2+ lbs 45.99

roasted in our secret garlic sauce

½ ORDER 1+ lb 29.99

LOTSA CRAB 3+ lb (2 share) 69.99

TOO TWO CRAB (for 3) 84.99

CRAB FEAST (4 sharing) 124.99

Forty Clove Garlic Chicken roasted on the bone 26.99

Garlic Braised Boneless Short Rib 29.99

Italian Garlic Meatloaf with pan gravy 26.99

Baby Back Ribs, garlic encrusted 29.99

Portobello Mushroom baked on a bed of roasted vegetables 19.99

(Vegetarian Dish no meat, fish or poultry)

Silence of the Lamb Shank with chianti glaze & fava beans 29.99

Prime Pork Chop with sweet garlic relish & carmelized apples 29.99

served with yukon gold garlic mashed potatoes


Fish & Garlic Chips 23.99

Salmon with garlic lemon butter caper sauce 29.99

Basa with spicy cioppino black olive sauce 25.99

Sea Bass with garlic parsley paprika butter-encrusted 29.99

served with acini pasta in a roasted tomato snap pea lemon sauce


Garlic Noodles 17.99

(fresh fettucine) parsley paprika butter sauce (Vegetarian Dish no meat, fish or poultry)

Fresh Made Spaghetti & Garlic Meatballs 25.99

Arugula Pesto 23.99

garlic, parmigiano, extra virgin olive oil & pine nuts (Vegetarian Dish no meat, fish or poultry)

Chicken & Asparagus 23.99

fettucine, roasted tomatoes & pine nuts

Shellfish 29.99

fresh black linguine in a zesty tomato sauce

Shrimp 26.99

fettucine, bacon, onions in a spicy red pepper garlic oil

Clams 25.99

fresh black linguine, garlic parsley shallot sauce

Lasagna 25.99

wild mushrooms, roasted eggplant, garlic, peppers, onions, spinach, mozzarella & tomato cream sauce (Vegetarian Dish no meat, fish or poultry)

Artichoke Ravioli 24.99


Gnocchi 24.99

(Vegetarian Dish no meat, fish or poultry)

Prepared in one of the following ways

• Garlic basil alfredo sauce (Vegetarian Dish no meat, fish or poultry)
• Five hour pork & beef sugo
• Arugula pesto sauce (Vegetarian Dish no meat, fish or poultry)
• Garlic gorgonzola cream sauce (Vegetarian Dish no meat, fish or poultry)

add shrimp or chicken 5.99


Garlic Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes 9.99

Acini di Pepe Pasta 9.99

Steamed Vegetables with Olive Oil & Garlic 9.99

Creamed Spinach 9.99

Roasted Garlic Bulb 3.99

Garlic French Fries 9.99

Dracula's Martinis 12.99

I don’t have to show you no Stinking Roses Blood Orange Margarita

Hamil-tan Cucumber Martini

cucumber vodka, lime & sugar rim

Bram Stoker Rob Roy

scotch, sweet vermouth & boston bittahs

French Guillotine Lemonade

vodka, chambord & lemonade

Midnight Manhattan

bourbon, sweet vermouth & fernet

Neck Bite

tequila, grand marnier, lime & cranberry juice

Lucifer’s New York Sour Apple

vodka & apple pucker

Toothy Fruity

rum, blood orange & pineapple juice

Blood Orange Martini

vodka, amaretto & midori

Basil Lugosi

vodka, basil, lime & a hint of sugar

Bloody Chili Mary

vodka, spices & chili rim

Kiss of Death

campari & orange juice


Bottle 24.99      Decanted Half Bottle 15.99      Glass 8.99

318 Chateau de Garlique


319 Beringer

Beringer Napa

Bottle 29.99      Decanted Half Bottle 17.99      Glass 9.99

317 Chablis

house emerald glen, paso robles

217 Burgundy

house emerald glen, paso robles

Bottle 34.99

232 Chianti Flask

Bell’Agio, Italy

Bottle 39.99      Decanted Half Bottle 22.99      Glass 11.99

320 Sparkling Wine

prosecco avissi, italy

322 Sauvignon Blanc

honig, napa

326 Chardonnay

bargetto, sonoma

336 Riesling

st michelle, washington

356 Pinot Grigio

santa cristina antinori, sicily

220 Chianti

tiziano reserve, tuscany

223 Merlot

bargetto, central coast

234 Cabernet

hess, north coast

275 Pinot Noir

meiomi, california

276 Malbec

trapiche oak cask, argentina

Bottle 49.99      Decanted Half Bottle 26.99      Glass 13.99

331 Pinot Grigio

santa margherita, italy

346 Chardonnay

stuhlmuller, alexander valley

233 Merlot

stag's leap, napa

215 Cabernet

kenwood jack london, sonoma

236 Zinfandel

coppola director's, dry creek

Bottle 69.99

350 Chardonnay

jordan, alexander valley

262 Pinot Noir

belle glos, monterey

277 Cabernet

mt veeder, napa

Bottle 89.99

360 Champagne

veuve clicquot, france

264 Cabernet

jordan, alexander valley

Bottle 99.99

285 Cabernet

silver oak, alexander valley

299 Frescobaldi

brunello di montalcino, italy

Bottle 299.99

298 Opus One




Pint $7.99      Large $9.99      Pitcher $24.99

Stella Artois

Anchor Steam

Fat Tire Amber Ale


Bud Light

Lagunitas IPA

Blue Moon



Coke Zero


Ginger Ale

Orange Juice

Grapefruit Juice

Cranberry Juice

Iced Tea

Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

The food served here may include, among other things, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, gluten, flour, salt, sugar, dairy, milk, eggs and wheat, which may not be suitable for patrons with severe allergies.

“We Season Our Garlic With Food!”®

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