Premier Garlic Steaks in Beverly Hills & San Francisco

Vladimir’s "I eat here myself" Garlic Stakes ... They're to die for!

The Steak at The Stinking Rose

The Stinking Rose Difference

The Stinking Rose prides itself on serving some of the tastiest steaks in Beverly Hills and San Francisco. We go to great lengths to ensure that the steaks we serve at our steakhouse are of the highest quality. It all starts with the aging process of our beef, which enhances the tenderness and flavor of our steaks. We partnered with a supplier that meets the USDA’s strict Total Quality Control (TQC) guidelines and delivers only the finest beef that meets our high standards of dry-aging four to six weeks. This aging process is exactly what gives our steaks their buttery, rich taste that is difficult to find at other steakhouses.

While a great steak begins with the beef, a Stinking Rose steak wouldn’t be a Stinking Rose steak without our favorite ingredient, garlic! We pan sear our steaks to lock in the flavor and then deglaze them to produce a tender, beautiful piece of meat that has just a whisper of garlic and rosemary. After one bite, you’ll agree with Dracula and the rest of our patrons that this is indeed one of the best steaks you’ve ever had.

What is a Dracula's Style Porterhouse?

So what makes our Porterhouse Dracula’s favorite? It goes beyond garlic! A typical steakhouse incorrectly cooks a Porterhouse because the steak’s meat has a different thickness based on which side of the bone it lies on. The Stinking Rose recognizes this fact and divides the steak into its two main pieces, the Filet Mignon and the New York. We then cook these two pieces individually so that each cut is perfectly tender and bring it to your table for you to enjoy.